Wedding Planning Conclave (WPC) Soirée Chandigarh

About the event

Wedding Planning Soirée is the first roadshow of our upcoming Wedding Planners Conclave 2023 scheduled for India & Malaysia. This is an incredible opportunity to mark your presence, given your expertise which will also give immense exposure in the wedding as well as the hospitality industry. This opportunity is set to target important milestones for Wedding planners, wedding connoisseurs, travel agents, hospitality leaders (etc) to gain access to the high-end market of destination weddings amongst tourism boards of countries and dignitaries.

WPC Soirée is an upcoming event to be organized at Chandigarh on 25th March 2023. It is an exclusive event for the wedding planners, decorators, vendors and suppliers to showcase their latest designs, concepts, themes and props for weddings amongst ‘to be wed’ audience.


Objective :

We are discovering, cultivating, promoting and managing talent in the entertainment and wedding industry. We are connecting vendors, decorators, artists and craftsmen with potential clients from all over India and gathering a wedding directory services across India and Malaysia.

Highlight : There will be series of these fundraising roadshows in Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad (yet to be finalised) which will educate wedding trends, enable focussed networking, display talents and services which results in boost of wedding planning industry in India and Malaysia.

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